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Custom Chandeliers Custom Chandeliers
Please talk to us if you need custom chandelier or lighting project. Over the years we have worked on many projects, for Hotels, department stores, bars and restaurants, and of course private residences. We have even fitted chandeliers in Ships!.
We can offer expert advice on the production of classic Murano chandeliers, in every style. We work with many glass houses, so we are in a good position to advise who may be best suited for a particular project.
If needed we can support you with a full “CAD” design service, however you should also bear in mind, that the great majority of Murano chandelier maufacturers , are still “chalk on the floor” and “pencil and paper” designers, so most initial designs will be hand drawn sketches.
Glass samples, providing both shapes and colours are part of the service, and of course installation guidance. If necessary, we can send out an expert team to hang your chandeliers. Occasionally we will also arrange for you to visit a glass studio, so you are able to oversee the commission.
We will listen closely to your creative brief, and advise how to practically interpret the ideas. Our expertise is not only in glass chandeliers, but also in all kinds of metal framed chandeliers.

Contact us for bespoke chandelier design service