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74 Stanwell Road

Penarth, Wales

CF643LQ - U.K.

*Please note this address is for correspondence only. We do not have a shop or showroom.

74 Stanwell Road

Penarth, Wales

CF643LQ - U.K.

*Please note this address is for correspondence only. We do not have a shop or showroom.

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm U.K. (GMT)


A client approached us as they had managed to break a few parts of their Murano chandelier. We replaced the broken parts and restored the chandelier back to its former glory.
Greyfriars Hotel
We supplied these chandeliers to the Greyfriars Hotel in Colchester.
London Hotel
We recently had these two bespoke chandeliers produced for the Royal Suite in a prestigious London hotel.
Large Venetian Mirror for a remodelling projects in California.

140cm Murano Glass Chandelier.The glass is “Vetro A Piastra”. The longest sections circa 80cm.

The Goring Hotel

We had previously supplied chandeliers to the Goring Hotel in London for their ongoing refurbishment programme. We received a call to make six Murano chandeliers that were needed very urgently for the Royal Suite! After some rather frantic calls to our trusted glass studio in Venice, we managed to have the chandeliers blown in 4 days. We were delighted to find out a week later that the urgency was because they needed to be in place before Britain's “Wedding of the Decade” so to speak...as the Royal Suite was to accommodate the bride-to-be on the nights preceding the big day!


Stunning amethyst chandelier handmade on the famous island of murano chandelier for a private residence in the UK.


A famous toy store in Milan – Regency style chandeliers with lead crystal and gold frames.

Bespoke murano glass green chandelier

Produced for Miele for their national magazine marketing campaign.

Net-A-Porter – London | Hong Kong | New York

The Net-a-Porter project involved the supply and installation of a large classic 2 tier Murano chandeliers in clear crystal, in the main office in West London. The classic elegance of the chandeliers complement the modern interiors beautifully. The pictures shown here are of the offices in West London but we have also supplied their offices in New York and Hong Kong.

Rezzonico chandelier in clear crystal

After a site visit to the property the dimensions for this magnificent large Rezzonico chandelier in clear crystal were calculated. It was produced in Murano to our specification and installed by us for a private residence in the UK.

Harvey Nichols 5th floor bar – London

3 small Venetian chandeliers, executed in white Murano crystal. The white glass has a particularly glossy finish and this is obtained by coating the white crystal with a final layer of clear crystal.

Mercure Hotel – Bristol

Beautiful spiral ceiling fittings by Axolight. Part of the very adaptable “Aura” series these are made of hand pulled Murano glass which is twisted as it cools. These are about 60cm long, but they can be made to about 1.5 metres in length.

Department Store - London

The interior designer had come up with a stunning chandelier design for the refurbishment, but they were unable to find anyone able to fulfill it, despite several months of searching and tendering. As soon as we saw the design, we immediately recognised the extruded glass elements as we know the glass maestro who invented the technique in the 1960s! He flew over to London with our Italian-based Company President to meet with the client and discuss the brief. Within a few weeks we had manufactured the frames, extruded, cut and polished the glass and installed three magnificent chandeliers.

Domestic version of above

Murano glass prism chandelier

A client approached us with a photograph of a chandelier they had seen in a magazine and asked us if we could produce a similar design. They were then produced in Murano glass by our specialist studio in Italy.

Prestigious office block – Southampton

A 1600mm diameter chandelier designed for an entrance to prestigious offices in Southampton. The use of mirror plates gives a stunning final result that reflects its surroundings.

American private residence – USA

We were commissioned to build a 2500mm multicoloured Art Glass chandelier for a large residence in Connecticut. Starting with a wood mock-up of the chandelier, to ensure a perfect fit, it was finally executed using five different shades of glass.

Private residence – Australia

A traditional style chandelier produced in a milk white Murano glass with 24 carat gold accents. Supplied to a client in Australia.

Lovely 1930s style chandelier

Our model 8550 which is a striking handmade Murano chandelier in an art deco style, crafted by glass masters on the famous Venetian island and finished here in clear crystal and white. This lovely 1930s style chandelier was installed in a residence in the UK.

Shoo Woo footwear – USA

We were in New York City, assisting in the restoration of a number of antique Murano chandeliers, when we received a call from Jones Apparel. We went over to see them in Broadway, and we found out they needed some Murano chandeliers for the launch of a new chain of footwear shops. Depending on the size of the shop, each outlet has either 2 or 3 chandeliers.


Murano Glass Chandelier

Black crystal chandelier festooned with lead crystal droplets. The design works beautifully in the elegant surroundings.

Crystal Twister Chandelier

We were commissioned to supply a bespoke twister crystal chandelier with a height of 5.5 metres for a UK private residence.

Bespoke twister chandelier – UK Private Residence

We were asked if we could supply a crystal twister chandelier for a sloping ceiling in a hallway. In conjunction with the studio a chandelier was produced with a nickel frame and the finished height was 5.5. metres. The frame was angled so that it would be suitable for the ceiling.

Eaton Heights – London

3300mm glass prism chandelier, installed in the foyer of a luxury development.

Murano crystal prism hallway chandelier

Our client approached us to design a Murano crystal prism hallway chandelier for a property renovation. We worked with our specialist producer in Italy to design a chandelier with a diameter of 90cm and a length of 360cm. The stunning finished chandelier was installed by us in a 6.5 metre void in the entrance hall of the property.

Cognac Twister

Designed for a client – 5.7 metre twister chandelier in cognac coloured crystal suitable for a sloping ceiling

Hamburg showroom

Due to the success of our German Showroom after only being open for 1 year we have expanded into another floor of the building. This picture shows the amazing Swarowski crystal chandeliers section.

Launch of chandelier showroom – Germany

The photos show “before and after” the launch of our showroom in Germany autumn 2010. A frantic 6 weeks of preparation culminated in the successful launch of our Hamburg showroom. The left hand photo is a couple of days before the launch party, with German Managing Director Gisa Narracott, and me looking a little tired after yet another marathon day installing chandeliers!

Carriage Hall – Plumtree UK

2 large wrought iron chandeliers, of approx 1600mm diameter

Wyndham Grand Hotel – London

“Yuba” pendants by “Firme di Vetro”, installed in the reception area.

Private residence – Switzerland

Large and ornate Murano chandelier, made in clear crystal with 24 carat gold decorations.

Private residence Romania

An imposing listed building, in the centre of Bucharest. We were commissioned to replace all the original chandeliers. A total of 8 pieces. Our installation team flew over to hang all the chandeliers, a job that took 4 days. The end result was spectacular.

Private residence – USA

A stunning 8 arm Murano Chandelier produced in a milk white finish. The diameter of this chandelier is 95cm and the height not including the chain and ceiling rose is 105cm. Supplied to a private residence in the US.

Atlantic Hotel

Working with both the client and the studio in Italy a large number of chandeliers and matching wall lights were produced for a large major hotel in Germany.


Beautiful opaline crystal chandelier with aquamarine accents. Private residence in UK.

Crystal Twister Chandelier

Magnificent Crystal Chandelier designed and installed by our team. Stairway chandeliers can be produced to your specific measurements, design and colour.

Venetian Mirror Bathroom Cabinet

Along with the huge range of lights we offer we are also able to provide bespoke items designed by our team. This bathroom cabinet is a fabulous example of Venetian mirrored glass produced by a specialist studio to our design.