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*Please note this address is for correspondence only. We do not have a shop or showroom.

74 Stanwell Road

Penarth, Wales

CF643LQ - U.K.

*Please note this address is for correspondence only. We do not have a shop or showroom.

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm U.K. (GMT)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will my chandelier be packed?
The glass houses do vary they way they pack a chandelier, however the most used method, which allows your chandelier to travel safely is the vacuum pack method:-
Each component is individually vacuum packed onto boards, this prevents the glass from touching or moving around. The boards are then buried in foam chips, and the chandelier is shipped in large boxes.
Another method is to individually wrap the chandelier in crepe paper before placing in foam chips.
Both methods are equally effective in preventing damage.
As an extra precaution, many of the chandeliers will come with spare components, typically a spare flower and leaf is supplied. In the unlikely event that another component should arrive broken, we will send out a replacement part for you. (At our expense of course)

Q. How easy is it to install a Murano chandelier?
Installing a Murano chandelier can feel like a bit of a Daunting. I would like to reassure you here: Hanging a chandelier is pretty straight forward once you have taken the opportunity to study your chandelier a little.
Your chandelier will come with hanging instructions, and the assembly sequence is nearly always the same:-
First: ensure there is an adequate fixing point. 
Second: assemble the central stem, and hang this from the ceiling rose
Third: Assemble and insert the arms into the receiver plate
Fourth: Connect the wires and check all is working
Fifth: Fit the glass receiver bowl to the bottom of the chandelier with the finial.
Sixth: Plug in all the decorative parts to the receiver plate (Flowers, tall leaves, lower leaves).
That is pretty much the sequence, and it does not have really vary weather you are talking about a 22” chandelier or a 50” chandelier.
We are of course always available for your installer to consult, if you run into any problems at the point of installation.

Q. Who will ship my chandelier?
Over the years we have worked with many shippers, however these days we use almost always use either FED EX or DHL. The shipping time to the US is about 2 to 4 working days.

We will always send out a tracking code, so you are able to follow your chandeliers progress.

Q. Is the glass lead crystal?
I am often asked this question, so I thought it would be a good idea to clarify: Murano Crystal in not lead crystal. It is soda crystal. What does this mean? Well soda crystal, (Murano crystal), is “workable” for longer than lead crystal. This allows the glass masters to produce the amazing shapes and forms the chandeliers are famous for. 

The added benefit is that the absence of lead oxide in the chandelier makes the glass relatively light: A Murano chandelier is much lighter than a lead crystal chandelier of similar size. Lead crystal lends itself for cutting and engraving, to give a style you may see in a Waterford Crystal chandelier. It may also to be polished into glass octagons, droplets and prisms that often dress a chandelier frame. These are not the characteristics of a Murano chandelier, which is all about creative form and colour.

Q. How much does a chandelier weigh?
Typically a 6 arm / 30” chandelier, will weigh in at about 25lbs. If you want to know the weight of a particular chandelier, please drop me a note and I will get you an approximate weight for the model. My main advice on this point is to make sure the fixing point for the chandelier is robust enough.

Q. How can I pay?
We accept all of the major credit cards, Master, Visa and AMEX. We transact in US$ for your convenience. Should you wish to pay by bank transfer, we are also able to offer this option. 

Q. Can you supply a chandelier in different colours to the ones that are showing in the photo?
We certainly can, and often do. Looking though our online catalog you can see the enormous variation of finishes available. Maybe you want a clear crystal chandelier with 24 carat gold trim to be produced in Red. Just drop us a line and we will be glad to help. Bear in mind some finishes are more expensive to produce than others.

For example, all gold, all black and all red, will be more expensive than clear crystal. The materials used, and the production methods for the former tend to be more costly. 

Q. What is the correct size for my room?
These are just guidelines, based on our experience. They are by no means fixed rules.
(One tip is to make a mock up of some sort, using either cardboard, or balsa wood)
Ultimately the size of the chandelier is down to your personal choice.

Living rooms and bedrooms
Simply add the room dimensions in feet and refer to this number in inches. This will give you a minimum chandelier size for a room. 
For instance, if you have room that measures 18ft by 18 feet, then the sum of those numbers will be 36". You should be looking at a chandelier a chandelier that has a diameter of around 36". 
If your ceiling is particularly high then you would add up to six inches to the diameter
If your space is narrow, I would not advise you use this formula. Instead, you should consider two or more smaller chandeliers to keep the proportions right. 

Dining Rooms
I recommend you install the chandelier around 30 inches above the table, for low ceilings (8ft) and about 33/34 inches for taller ceilings. 
Choose a Murano chandelier that has a diameter of about one-half the width of the table over which it is going to hang. 
For a refectory or banquet-style table in an elongated or oversized dining room, two or more chandeliers tend to work better than one. 
The height of a chandelier should be about 3 inches per foot of the room height. For example, an 8-foot ceiling would have a 24 inch high chandelier. 

For an entrance. The chandelier should be around 7 feet from the floor. If there is a balcony, line up the bottom tier of lights with the balcony.

Q. How long will it take to make my chandelier?
We hold some lines in stock; however most of our chandeliers are made to order commissions. The production time varies from one maker to another; however most are produced in about 6 weeks. We will always be able to give you an idea of production times at point of order, and when necessary we are also able to get a fast turn around of 2 weeks.

Q. Are you able to offer custom work?
Much of our work is custom work. We specialise in bespoke projects, and are able to advise you on the best glass house for any particular project. We have worked with clients all around the world, ranging from prestigious Hotels, to shops and department stores, and large residential properties.

Q. What if I don not like the chandelier. Do you offer a refund?
Absolutely. If you do not like the chandelier you can return it to us for a refund, I would not wish to be stuck with something I did not like! We offer a no quibble returns policy. Please visit our returns page.

Q. Do I have to pay any extra taxes?
We are not able to collect government taxes for non European countries; you may be liable to some form of local duties when the goods arrive from Italy. This will vary form state to state.

Q. Can you supply other Italian lighting?
We are able to able to supply other Italian lighting (Florentine chandeliers, modern lighting, and famous brands such as Fabbian and Axolight. You can find these product on our sister site please contact us for pricing and shipping

Q. Are the Murano chandeliers genuine? 
All our Murano glass chandeliers are made by Murano glass masters and are 100% genuine. We are not interested in imports form the Far East, no matter how cheap they may be. We only sell Italian hand crafted chandeliers, and do not intend to change our policy.

Most of the producers you will find on this site are members of the Murano glass trade association, and will also supply you a certificate of authenticity. Some of the producers are not members of the association. I still choose to represent them, as in my opinion, their work is of the same standard. We are proud to represent all of our producers.

Q. Can you make replacement parts?
Yes, we are able to offer a replacement parts service, for broken chandeliers. Generally speaking, you will need to be prepared to send the broken part to us, which will be used as a template, and also you will need some patience, as firstly, very few glass studios offer this service, and secondly, a studio may need to get a whole batch of similar remakes, before they commence production.